Special Workshop


Maximiano y Jesica Workshop- October 23rd-26th, 2014


Special Workshop featuring:

Maximiano Cristiani y Jesica Arfenoni,

2013 World Champions for salon category

October 23rd-26th, 2014


Maximiano & Jesica on YouTube:

Story               Argentina Crowns New World Tango Champions 2013

Tango 1           Performance in London

Tango 2           Performance at Milonga Del Moran

Vals 1              Performance at Milonga Del Moran

Vals 2              5th International Ankara Tango Festival, Turkey 

Milonga 1        International Tango Festival Pentecoast 

Milonga 2        Performance in Moscow

About Maximiano & Jesica

Maxi started tango in 1998 and has studied with the great masters of Tango salon and Tango stage. His biggest influence is Osvaldo Zotto.  He was one of the first generation of Ballet AZ, where young professionals studied with the famous dancers like Geraldo Portalea, Carlito Perez and Roza, Pupy Castello, Gloria and Eduardo, Parejita and Chino Perico and others.  He performed at tango shows in Buenos Aires such as Tango Palace, Café Tortoni, Facination of Tango and Corporations Tango and created his own tango show called 'Tango essence”. He has taught at the Carlos Copello's tango school in addition to his own school 'Catullus' and toured around Europe. His dancing is very elegant and precise in his technique.  

Maxi has won the 1st place for Tango Competition at the Metropolitana 2012, and 2nd place for Salon Competition for the World Tango Championship in 2012. In 2013, Maxi and Jesica won the 1st place for the Mundial; World Tango Championship. 

Jesica has been dancing for the tango company “Tango Trip to Feeling” and “Tango Mas Tango” and has been touring throughout Europe and Brazil for the past four years giving seminars, show and exhibitions.   She has also won the 4th place in Tango and Milonga Competition at the Metropolitana in 2010 and came 6th place in the World Tango Championship in 2009.  And now with Maxi, she has obtained the title of the Champion for the Salon.

Maximiliano and Jessica highlights the elegance, combining simplicity and yet complexity to the dance and emphasis on the original essence of Tango.  They are touring festivals and academies all around the world in 12 different countries.



Workshop Schedule:

Thursday, October 23rd   

Dance Underground- 340 15th E

A)    8:00PM-9:15PM 

      Tango: Essential Structures (All Levels)

- Abrazo, caminata, ochos forward and backward with close embrace, different ways for half giro.


Friday, October 24th   

Dance Underground- 340 15th E

B)     7:30PM-8:45PM 

      Milonga: Traspie in Giro and Different Figures (Int. Lvel & Beyond)

- Working on individual techniques, different traspies and musicality!


Saturday, October 25th   

Dance Underground- 340 15th E

C)    1:00PM-2:15PM 

      Tango: Intermediate I (Int. Level & beyond)

- Leaders and followers technique, connection, how to dance with close embrace. Workshop concentrate on rebounds and dissociation.


D)    2:30PM-3:45PM 

      Tango: Intermediate II (Int./ Adv. level)

- Continue working on the technique for both leaders and followers on connection and dancing in close embrace. Workshop concentrate on full dissociation and sacadas.


9:30PM-1:00AM   Special Saturday Night Dance

Performance by Maxi & Jesica

Special Halloween dance with decoration & costume contest

DJ: Tony Fan


Sunday, October 26th 

Dance Underground- 340 15th E

E)     2:30PM-5:45PM 

      Advanced Intensive Workshop:

      Tango de Pista: Different Sequences for the Championship

      (Adv. level./ Couples only)

- A 3 hour (w/ 15 min. break) intensive workshop for advanced dancers. You will need to have a partner to attend this workshop. Workshop limit to 25 couples only. Register early to secure your spot!



Workshop Location

Dance Underground (All Workshops + Saturday Special Dance)

      340 15th E (in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood)

Workshop Fee

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

      $25 per workshop per person

      $20 per workshop if register for 3 or    

             more workshops per person

Sunday Advanced Intensive Workshop

      $60 per person

$12 Special Saturday night dance

     - Performance by Maxi & Jesica

     - Special Halloween Dance with Decoration & Costume Contest

      - DJ: Tony Fan


Workshop Registration and Information

Tony & Ilana