Intermediate/ Advanced Level

Tango Vals  II (Tango Waltz)       

-Starting Tuesday, October, 14th, 2014!

Tuesday Nights, 10/14 - 12/16, 2014

(No class on 11/25 Thanksgiving week Tuesday)


$90 per 9 weeks series; $12 Drop-ins

Greenwood SA Center- 525 N 85th St.


Dance tango in 3/4 time!!!


This is level II of the Vals series. In addition to continue working on the Vals musicality, Tony and Ilana would like to share with you  many specialty steps that work beautifully in Vals! Would you like to learn a continuous boleo sequence for vals? How about cadena in Vals? Are you interested in spiral turn for Vals? Tony and Ilana will cover these materials and more in this second Vals series!



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