Intermediate/ Advanced Level

Tango: Social Dancing Boot Camp II     

-Starting Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Tuesday Nights, 8/29- 10/17, 2017


$85 per 8 weeks series; $13 Drop-ins

Greenwood SA Center- 525 N 85th St.

This class is a continuation level II class for the social dancing tango boot camp!

In these 8 classes series, we will further our development with more steps and concepts for the leader and the follow to express the music and deepen the connection. In the first series, we explored steps ideal for rhythmic and playful music like Canaro, Lomuto, Donato, D’Arienzo, Rodriguez and Biagi, In this series, we will explore different steps to interpret the melodic and emotional music like Calo,  Laurenz, Di Darli, Taturi con Campos, Gobbi and Pugliese.



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