Intermediate/ Advanced Level

Milonga con Traspie

        -Starting Tuesday, September 11th

Tuesday Nights, 9/11- 10/30


$90 per 8 weeks series; $13 drop-ins

Greenwood SA Center: 525 N 85th St.

By popular demand- our once a year special class!!!

Each year, there are new and exciting steps added to the class material. This is one of our most popular classes. Don't miss it!

Milonga is the mother of tango. Milonga is more cheerful compare to tango music. In this series, Tony and Ilana will introduce many fun milonga steps and explain how to recombine them for different possibilities and variations. Tony and Ilana will also show you how to move to the different rhythms of the Milonga and how to effectively use these rhythms to highlight the different step combination. The goal of this series is to enable you to improvise a fun and rhythmic dance on the social dance floor. A lot of these steps and rhythm changes can also be incorporated into your tango. Your social tango will benefit tremendously from this Milonga class!



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