Intermediate Level

Bridging the Gap:

Tango Steps & Music! (Int. Level)

        -Starting Thursday, June 28th

Thursday Nights, 6/28- 8/23, 2018

(No Class on 7/5)


$90 per 8 weeks series; $13 drop-ins

Dance Underground- 340 15th Ave E, Capitol Hill

In addition to learn useful and popular social dance steps, Tony and Ilana would like to explore with you how to bridge these steps with tango music.


Many tango dancers outside of Argentina do not grow up with tango music. Understand the structure of the tango music and it's kinetic faculty will free our movement and add emotion to our dance.


What is the structure of the tango music?

What steps to use for melodic music?

What steps to use for rhythmic music?

What are syncopas and how does it make our dance more powerful?


Let's find out together!


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