Beginner/ Intermediate Level

Tango: Basic Tango Turns for Social Dancers

      - Starting Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Thursday Nights, 11/30/17 - 1/25/18

(No class on 12/28/17)


$85 per 8 weeks series; $13 Drop-ins

Dance Underground- 340 15th E, Capitol Hill

This is a continuation of the beginner's class. In this class, we will explore together the turn structure of the Argentine tango. Tango turn is the 'nut's n bolt's' of the tango structure. Once we understand the structure, we will concentrate on how to use this on the social dance floor.

We will also explore more skills and steps needed to survive on the social dance floor. Topics include: navigation, ocho cortado, pivot ochos, basic turns in close embrace, sweet rhythmic steps and more!

This class will prepare you with all the skills you need to become a confident dancer on the social dance floor!!!

This is a must class to advance to the intermediate level class.


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